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Applying for Oslo summer school

Application submissions for the summer school program in Oslo (grade 1 – 7) open on March 27 at 09:00 and close on April 12 at 23:59. 

You can make a «wish list» of up to five courses and prioritize the courses from 1 to 5 in order of appeal. You must apply for courses that correspond to the grade your child is attending in the spring of 2023. 

Summer school places are distributed by lottery. The lottery takes place after the application process is closed. Everyone receives either one course place or are waitlisted for a place. You will be notified on April 17 regarding the outcome.


  • Parents must log in through the ID portal. This requires a bank-id. 
  • The information in the portal comes directly from the schools’ administrative systems. 
  • Parents must apply for children age 13 or younger, and can apply for children up to age 18.  
  • Children age 13 or older can log in with their «Feide» account and submit the application themselves. 

Distribution of course places

  • Places are distributed through a lottery system, which takes place after the application period has closed on April 12.  
  • Each applicant receives either one course place or a place on a waiting list.  
  • On April 17, we send out information regarding which course or waitlist place your child has been given. 
  • On April 18, the system opens for applications for available course places and waitlist places, or you cancel an allotted place.  
  • Changes from a waitlist place to a course place can occur up until June 9 at 23:59.  
  • If you are not able to attend or do not want the place you have been given, it is important to reject it, so that it can be given to another child.

Help with applying

Do you need help with the application process? If so, you can get help from a «skolepåmelder», which is a «school-registrant» at your school, or you can contact us by telephone.  

Which grade year do I apply for? 

You must apply for courses that correspond to the grade your child attends in the spring of 2023. If your child attends 4th grade in spring of 2023, you must apply for courses for 3-4 grade. When you log into the system, you will only be able to apply to the correct grade courses. 

Children who start school in the autumn of 2023 are not eligible to attend summer school this summer. Certain schools offer a special course for school starters the last two weeks before school starts. Each individual school will inform the parents about this opportunity later in the year.

Group division

Many children have friends or siblings who want to attend the same course. We are unable to arrange this, but we advise parents to make identical course choices for identical weeks, to increase the chances of children ending up in the same course at the same time. 

When more than 20-25 children are in the same course, that course is divided into several groups. You will receive information regarding which children are in which groups on the first day of summer school. Each group will consist of many different children of different ages and from different schools. It is recommended to prepare your child for this. Summer school is an excellent opportunity to get to know other children and make new friends!

Summer school is a huge operation, with many courses and course groups. The logistics are quite extensive, so we are not able to accommodate individual desires. We consider many factors when assembling course groups and aim to create a good social mix.   

Special needs 

It is important to us that children who need extra support and security can participate in summer school. For some children, extra support and adaption, physical accommodations, or just recognizing a friendly face on the first day of summer school, are those little extras that make or break a good summer school experience.  

Children should feel secure concerning where they are going to be, and with whom. As a parent, you also need to feel safe that your child’s needs are being met, either physical or psychological. It is often the little things that make a difference between participating and not participating, and we want to work together with you parents to ensure that your child can attend summer school. 

When you as parents apply for summer school for your children and tick the «ja» box under the statement about «tilrettelegging» (extended special needs, children with a diagnosis), someone from the summer school team will call you to assess the situation and determine what is needed. The gathered information will form the basis of the assessment for the kind of adaption your child will be offered at summer school. We will also ask about your child’s interests and about what kind of special adaption your child gets on a normal school day.

Telephone conversation

The Oslo summer school team will be in contact with many parents. It is important for us to get in touch with you as parents, so that we can work together to determine the best solution for your child using our existing resources. When calling, we will ask for precise information related to your child’s diagnosis, and what adaptations and accommodations are being made throughout their normal school day. To do so, we have created a booking system, in which you can book a time slot and make an appointment for when it is convenient for us to call you.

Support assistants

Support assistants have one of the most important roles in ensuring the safety of, and creating harmony, in groups of children who need extra support. Support assistants are hired based on their background, including competence, experience, and education. They are meant to be a «safe harbor» for the children and assist with integration and creating good memories.  

Support assistants are assigned to children based upon common interests, and on the experience and education they have of children with similar needs to those applying. Based on experience, this contributes to create a safe environment for the child. If your child is assigned a support assistant by Oslo summer school, we arrange a meeting where you as a parent, together with your child, can meet their support assistant. This, for the purpose of getting to know each other. 


If your child uses medicine(s), you must tick the box about medicines on the information form that you fill out before your child attends the course. It is important that you as parent speak directly with the course teacher responsible for your child about medicine and how to administer it. 


Children who are normally delivered to ordinary school by taxi will also have this opportunity at summer school. Please tick the box for «tilrettelegginger» on the application form and you will be contacted by the summer school team. We will need to see the «vedtak», which is the official paper that allots your child a taxi. 

Sign language interpreter

We can provide a sign language interpreter when needed.